Album cover to 3oh!3

3oh!3 is the debut album to the band 3OH!3 The tracks "Holler 'til You Pass Out" and "Chokechain" were later re-recorded for the band's major label debut. "Holler 'til You Pass Out," "Chokechain," and "Dance with Me" are excluded from the iTunes release of the album. "Electroshock" is the only single off of the album and was released in July of 2007.

Standard EditionEdit

Track one: Holler 'til You Pass Out - 3:34

Track two: Electroshock - 3:01

Track three: Chokechain - 3:26

Track four: Neatfreak47 - 2:09

Track five: Dance with Me - 2:17

Track six: Don't Dance - 3:17

Track seven: Say'dem Up - 3:07

Track eight: Dragon Backpack - 2:09

Track nine: Hott - 3:03

Track ten: I'm Not Comin' to Your Party Girl - 2:44

Track eleven: Hornz - 3:25

iTunes EditionEdit

Track one: Electroshock - 3:01

Track two: Neatfreak47 - 2:09

Track three: Don't Dance - 3:17

Track four: Say'dem Up - 3:07

Track five: Dragon Backpack - 2:09

Track six: Hott - 3:03

Track seven: I'm Not Comin' to Your Party Girl - 2:44

Track eight: Hornz - 3:25


  • Electroshock
Released: July 2nd, 2007

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